Escape your room,
visit Little Sodaburg.

Take a trip to the absolutely normal seaside town of Little Sodaburg.

Bring a group of up to 6, and experience a time like no other.

Marvel at our fish statues, visit the castle ruins and tour the factory of the universe's most popular soda.

Just don’t swim in the river, if you know what’s good for you!

A Live, Online Escape Game

What will you be doing? If everything goes well, you'll have a relaxing tour around town.

In the highly unlikely event something goes awry, you'll probably be embroiled in a comedy conspiracy across the town and its websites, cooperate with your group in live games, puzzles and challenges, and maybe even save the world.

TERPECA Top Escape Rooms Project Enthusiasts' Choice Awards - 2021 Top Online Room

"Let me give this the highest recommendation I can. It's a goofy, well-crafted, incredibly delightful confection of an online escape adventure."

Room Escape Artist - 2022 Golden Lock Award

"From fantastic humor and beautiful artwork, to the fun interactions and creative videography, this game was a masterpiece."

The Escape Roomer Badge of Honour

"If you only play one more at home game ever again in your whole life, make sure it's this."

Booking Your Trip











One flat fee, $125 for 2-6 players.

Tours available Thu - Sun.

Sessions last 75 minutes.

Founded in Medieval times, Little Sodaburg has a rich, bubbly history that continues to flow to this day.

The future is bright for our town. And surely always will be!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the tour last?

You'll have up to 75 minutes to complete your tour of Little Sodaburg.

We'll make sure you get through the whole tour in this time!

What do I need to play?

Each player will need their own Mac or Windows PC to play, and the latest version of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge.

You need to have a microphone to play, plus a webcam is ideal. If you have headphones, you should use them!

Tablets and phones are not supported.

How many people can I bring?

Your group can be from 2 to a maximum of 6 players. Each player will need their own computer.

The game adjusts to the number of players which means that, once a game begins, no more players can join!

Is Little Sodaburg really the perfect place to visit?

It's the perfect, idyllic spot for a weekend away. Don't believe us? Ask Dave Cod who left us this review:

"I'd say it's the perfect, idyllic spot for a weekend away."

Is it difficult? Do I need to be good at puzzles?

The Traveler's Guide is an online adventure game, full of minigames and puzzles you'll play together as a group. It's like a virtual escape room.

We want everyone to have fun so, if you ever need help, your tour guide will be on hand at all times to keep you on track and on time.

Can I book a tour for a different time?

Yes! We can accommodate many times not listed on our schedule.

If you'd like to book a time we don't have listed, please contact us at

Is there a minimum age?

The tour contains no adult content. However, the experience was designed for adults and as such those under 14 may have trouble playing.

Do we have to be in the same room?

No, your team members can play from anywhere! You'll communicate with your team and guide via built-in video chat, so make sure you have your camera and microphone set up.